• Display advertising is one of the most traditional methods of advertising and makes up for most of advertiser demand. Grab a seat in our exchange and reach more customers via display banner ads.


  • Search Advertising aka PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising allows you to reach your target audience via Real Time Bidding strategies. Target your online consumers by demographics and behavior analytics.


  • Mobile ads have the largest audience in the market today and it's set to grow by 300% over the next 2 years. Target mobile audiences world while expanding reach and ROI goals.


  • Native ads and Contextual Ads allows you to reach across our vast audience of 10,000+ unique content websites and blogs.

  • Simple and Easy to Use

    Amazingly clean and friendly user interface allows you to build out campaigns with ease.

  • Huge Inventory

    Desktop and Mobile inventory from top publishers all across the world for maximum reach.

  • Campaign Optimization

    Automatated campaign optimization mechanisms help tweak your campaigns for max performance.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    Real-time reports help you to understand your advertising efforts and find new growth spots.

  • Real-Time Bidding

    Advanced real-time bidding allows you to get the best inventory at the best price.

  • Advanced Targeting

    Fine-tune your campaign down to demographic and geographic levels to precision target prospects.


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers

What is eClickZ Media?

eClickZ Media is an alternative to Google Adwords, eClickZ allows you to advertise your products, websites, or apps via buying targeted traffic from our ad network.


What Are The Charges?

Payments are made on a pre-pay basis. The minimum deposit is $100 to get started and the minimum cost-per-click is $0.01. For display ads the minimum CPM is $1.00.

How Much Traffic Can I Expect?

The amount of traffic you buy is determined by you. You can control the daily/weekly/monthly budget in the campaigns settings area of your account.


Where Does Your Traffic Come From?

We work with small and large publishers, and other ad networks from all over the world. Your ads will be displayed on premium inventory sites across multiple verticals.


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